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Plockton Hotel - Seafood Platter
Plockton Hotel - Fresh Seafood Platter

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Plockton has a variety of eating places within easy walking distance of your accommodation.

You can dine out in a choice of top class hotels and restaurants, eat fresh seafood in the various establishments, or simply have fish n chips al fresco from the local take-away.

Plockton Shores Restaurant
Plockton Shores Restaurant - superb fresh fish

Plockton Inn Mussels
Plockton Inn - Fresh Mussels
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Wherever you go, because of Plockton's culinary reputation you can be assured that you will be eating freshly prepared top class Scottish food. Aberdeen Angus beef and lamb from the pasture, venison and game from the wild moor, with fish and the famous Plockton prawns from local boats ... the list is endless.  All the establishments also cater for vegetarians with imaginative dishes.

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The view from one of the hotels in Plockton